Mordeer Technology

For over 10 years, we have been working to improve your experience in the bathroom. We believe innovative technology and engineering are the core of bathroom innovation. With a decade of research and development, we have made significant technological breakthroughs. Our mission remains the same: to give you the utmost satisfying bathroom experience.

Break-through Instant Heating Technology

Mordeer instant heating technology heats water up to set temperature in 0.2 seconds, faster than 99% of instant heating bidets on the market. Superior AI algorithm controls heating power precision and eliminates temperature overshooting, therefore prevents water being too hot at the first few milliseconds. Improved temperature control makes sure you have the water at the right temperature from beginning to end of your washing experience.

Instant Heating vs Tank Heating

Traditional tank heating system can only supply warm water for about 30s, then time is needed to heat up water again. Instant heating allows limitless continuous warm water, which means no waiting time.

Fresh Water

Instant heating also means you use fresh water for each wash, instead of the water sitting in the tank for a few hours. Without the tank to store water, instant heating systems eliminates bacteria build up which makes it more hygienic.

Air Infused Water Stream

Built-in motor pump infuses water sprays with air bubbles to improve the washing experience. It improves cleaning effectiveness without increasing water pressure, providing a satisfying and therapeutic washing sensation.

Air Segregation Technology

Air segregation technology separates bidet tube water and water supply source. Therefore it prevents contamination of water supply source if remaining tube water reverse flows under negative water pressure.

Air Dry Boost

Say goodbye to toilet paper with Air Dry Boost. By improving the design of fan and air duct, as well as the electric heating circuit structure, Mordeer Air Dry Boost has a higher drying efficiency. Air Dry Boost reduces drying time by 50% and improves the drying experience, bringing ultimate care to delicate skin.

UV Light Self-Sanitization

Medical grade UV light kills up to 99.9% germs on the nozzle, providing the highest level of hygiene.

99.9% Staphy-lococcus

99.9% Escherichia coli

99.9% Candida albicans

Product Testing

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