I was already 18 when I started, but I grew 2 cm within 3 months. I'm in the middle of my fourth month. Hoping it continues to work!

Lena T from California

I have grown 3 inches in 3 months the product is simply amazing.

Kolton M from Florida

I am 20 and I have been using Peak Height for a little over 4 months now and so far I have grown about an inch and a half. I didn't think I would grow at all! I am still using it and I have a feeling I am going to grow more. It is a really good product and it works!!!

Lamonte B from Illinois

My son in seven months has grown nearly 3 inches. Genetics are against him in the height arena, but Peak Height is there to make sure that a child's maximum height is reached. Thank you for giving my son confidence.

Pat W from California

My 18 year old son was 5'4". I wanted to try anything to help him get a few more inches. After finishing 2 bottles, so far he's gained 1-2 inches. I'm hoping he can get a few more with the next batch of Peak Height.

Taylor P from California

It is incredible! I've grown 3 to 4 inches. It's been 6 months now. Now hopefully I can join my school basketball team. I love Peak Height.

John V from New Zeland

Bought peak height for our 16 year old son about 2 months ago. He has grown 1 inch and is extremely happy . He will still be taking peak height for further results . A+++++

Laurie D from Louisiana

Over the span of 4 months I've grown an inch, I do rather enjoy this product for I am seeing some progress in a safe way, I expect by the time I finish the remaining bottles I'll achieve 2 inches.

Kerwin M from Florida

My daughter really loves this product. She has grown 3 inches since she started taking Peak Height 3 months ago.

Fidelia M from Wyoming

My son Brandon was very upset last year because at school he was one of the shortest. After taking the peak height vitamins in a year he has grown over 4 inches. His over all well being and self esteem is amazing and I truly could not be happier myself. Thank you for all you have done for my son.

Cynthia G from Texas

I truly believed in this product from the beginning. Despite others having doubts, I proved them wrong when I grew an extra 2 inches in 4 months! I love this product and it's been a major help and confidence booster.

Emily V from Wisconsin

My son who is 14 has seen remarkable growth in the 4 month he has been taking Peak Height. His shoe size increased from a 7.5 to a 9.5, he has grown to be taller than his mum and now equal to my height. We are excited to see the full height he will reach at the end of his growth spurt. Thank you Peak Height.

Deson K from California

My daughter has been using this product for about three months now and she has grown about two inches. I am grateful I found this product since she always found herself short.

Ranjit G from Canada

I have grown about 2 inches since I've started using this and hopefully some more after completing 8 months of tablets.

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