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LONG® technology consists of a fusion of the growth factor with a portion of growth hormone sequence. The fusion improves growth factor production without imparting its biological activity. 

A distinct biological advantage
All mammalian cells secrete IGF Binding Proteins (IGFBPs) which bind to and inhibit native IGF-I. The substitution of an arginine for glutamic acid at position three in LONG® RIGF-I, in conjunction with the 13 amino acid N-terminal extension peptide, results in > 1000 fold reduced affinity for IGFBPs, enhancing its bio-availability and effectiveness in comparison to native IGF-I.

Specificity is the key to increased productivity
Unlike insulin, LONG® RIGF-I specifically targets and activates the type I IGF Receptor (IGF-IR) resulting in greater activation of downstream signaling cascades responsible for proliferation and inhibiting apoptosis. Greater activation of these key pathways results in increased cell density, higher viability and extended cell culture productivity.

To learn more about the use of LONG® R3 IGF-I in stem cell and cell therapy applications, please contact Repligen.

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