When searching online for ways to grow taller, one can find numerous answers. In cases where medication is not preferred, we often focus on when to sleep, how to better supplement nutrition, and what type of exercises are best. Before introducing IGF1 height growth technology, we need to know what the mechanisms of action are for some popular height growth methods and how they differ from IGF1 height growth technology.

What is the principle of height growth?

Height growth is essentially the lengthening and hardening of bones, but this is the ultimate result. Before the bones lengthen and harden, there is a long chain of processes involved in growth.

Initially, it was believed that growth hormone secreted by the pituitary gland could directly promote height growth. However, as research progressed, scientists discovered that growth hormone needs to enter the liver and bind with growth hormone receptors to produce IGF1. IGF1 then needs to enter the bones and bind with IGF1 receptors to send signals to bone cells, initiating cell division and proliferation, thereby promoting growth. In principle, height growth starts with growth hormone (GH), but IGF1 is the nearest signaling target for height growth.


The mechanism of action for existing solutions involves increasing growth hormone levels.

Whether it is sleep, diet, or exercise, the focus remains on promoting the secretion of growth hormones.

Sleep well and enter deep sleep during the peak secretion of growth hormone, ensuring more growth hormone is secreted;

Provide comprehensive nutrition, allowing the body to be in a nutrient-rich state, thereby promoting the pituitary gland to secrete growth hormone;

Exercise properly, stimulating the secretion of growth hormone by the pituitary gland, while exercise-induced fatigue and hunger improve sleep and appetite, further promoting growth hormone secretion.

These methods all promote height growth by stimulating growth hormone secretion. Understanding the principle of growth, we know that after growth hormone GH, there are two key substances, IGF1 and IGF1 receptor. The current solutions do not adequately target these two points.

Directly promoting IGF1 secretion and more efficient signal transmission is the core of iKids-Growth™ height growth technology.

Xregen's iKids-Growth™ is a new solution for height growth problems. Unlike other market solutions that focus on promoting the secretion of growth hormones, we have consistently centered our efforts around the nearest target for height growth, IGF1. After five years of research, we have developed hGHBooster™ and IGF1Booster™ technologies.

The hGHBooster™ technology enhances the sensitivity of GH receptors, directly promoting IGF1 secretion. IGF1Booster™ technology improves the sensitivity of IGF1 receptors, better transmitting signals and promoting bone cell division and proliferation, ultimately resulting in height growth.

Relying on Xregen's US laboratory's technological accumulation and expertise in precise secondary extraction of natural bioactives, we can better promote height growth while ensuring safety. We believe that this technology will further alleviate parents' anxiety about their children's height.

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